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Floating Solar Rig Produces Hydrogen Fuel

A floating “solar fuels rig” could one day use solar energy to split apart seawater and generate hydrogen fuel. A team of scientists recently described the design for the new rig in the International Journal of Hydrogen Energy. A scaled-up version of their prototype ...

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Blink introduces a $99 video doorbell

The best way to stand out from the CES deluge? Announce your product three weeks before everyone else. Last year’s show was  big one for the connected home, and all signs are pointing to 2018 being even bigger, so Blink is getting out ...

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Peeling Away Memory Chips

In the 1980s, during the dawn of what would become a booming tech industry, flash memory made a splash by offering erasable and programmable computer storage. These storage chips now appear in cameras, memory cards, USB sticks, and phones that ...

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