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How to Fix the Ubuntu Login Loop

Jordan Gloor / How-To Geek If you’re trapped in a login loop on Ubuntu Linux, use Ctrl+Alt+F3 to open a terminal and check or remove the .Xauthority file. If that doesn’t work, making sure root owns the /tmp folder, reconfiguring ...

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How to Add and Remove Users on Ubuntu

Hannah Stryker / How-To Geek To create a new user named “maxn” in Ubuntu, use the command “sudo adduser maxn”. To delete the user and their home directory, you want the “deluser –remove-home maxn” command. You can also add them ...

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How to Use the Linux tr Command

Jordan Gloor / How-To Geek The tr command performs transforms on a stream of text, producing a new stream as its output. You can substitute, delete, or convert characters according to rules you set on the command line. Do you ...

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How to Use GRUB Rescue to Fix Linux

Jordan Gloor / How-To Geek If your GRUB shells shows a “grub>” prompt, you can use the ls, set, linux, and initrd commands to fix your Linux system. If instead you see a “grub rescue>” prompt, use set, insmod, linux, ...

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How to Use Bash If Statements (With 4 Examples)

fatmawati achmad zaenuri/Shutterstock Use the Linux Bash if statement to build conditional expressions with an if then fi structure. Add elif keywords for additional conditional expressions, or the else keyword to define a catch-all section of code that’s executed if no ...

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