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Apple teams up with Cookie Monster to sell you on hands-free Siri


If I had to choose a sound to identify the second year of my daughter’s life it would probably be one of the collaborations between Sesame Street superstar Cookie Monster and one of the hot pop stars of the day. Although “Me want it (but me wait)” will never win any lyricist awards, it was catchy, taught patience and provided the kind of cultural crossover that has kept Sesame Workshop and Sesame Street relevant for over 45 years.

Today, Apple is airing a new iPhone commercial that similarly taps into Cookie Monster’s enduring appeal to promote the hands-free Siri functionality of the iPhone. In a spot that is very reminiscent of the kids cooking shows my daughter devours on YouTube (that can’t be an accident), Cookie Monster uses Siri to help him bake some cookies, and helsesame-street-learning-library-vol1_02ps him pass the time doing his least-favorite thing: waiting.

It’s a cute spot that hits some great buttons and is clearly aimed at parents who have their hands full of one thing or another pretty much 24/7. Apple has worked with the Sesame Workshop over the years — there are many iPad and iPhone apps, for instance. But the involvement goes way back to when the then-called Children’s Television Workshop produced games for the Apple II. I remember playing those games myself actually — my favorite was Big Bird’s Special Delivery.

Though stars typically get compensated to work in commercials, the funds from this spot will no doubt funnel into the organization’s continued programming and services for kids, which my daughter will appreciate.

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