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Apple Watch apps must work without a phone


Apple Watch apps are changing in a big way.

The company has said that from June 1, all apps for the device must work without having to rely on an iPhone. In other words, they have to be native to the wearable device.

While it might cause app developers some headaches, this is good news for anyone who owns an Apple Watch.

It means you won’t have to have your iPhone nearby when using certain apps, which is very handy if you’re going for a run and don’t want to risk dropping your £600 handset.

It should also mean a better experience, as apps will be optimised for the Apple Watch, rather than being iPhone apps that have been squished down to fit on the wearable’s smaller screen.

Plus, because they won’t have to run on the phone and then be beamed to the watch, we might even see some performance improvements.

Sorry, app developers. What’s your loss is our gain.

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