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Apple Watch reportedly coming to US wireless carriers this month

In order for people to start using smartwatches, they need to be able to touch, feel, and try them out. Carrier stores are a perfect location to reach customers and Apple will soon be putting the Apple Watch next to the iPhone.apple-watch-600I love my Apple Watch, but it was tough to find in stock when it launched in April. The Apple Watch has since appeared at Best Buy and according to MacRumors it looks like the Apple Watch may soon be coming to US wireless carriers.

The Apple iPhone 6s and 6s Plus will appear at carrier stores on September 25th, which is also the day that the Apple Watch may appear right alongside theh latest Apple iPhone models. This makes sense as App


le works to increase Apple Watch sales while people are at the store buying a new iPhone.

The WatchOS 2 release is imminent and getting the Apple Watch in carrier stores and in front of consumers is a great way to show off the latest features included in this update. The Apple Watch is also a bit more appealing with new Sport colors and new Sport bands.

Rumors currently state that T-Mobile and Sprint will carry the Apple Watch, but given the retail accessory focus seen in AT&T and Verizon stores it is likely that all four major US wireless carriers will sell the Apple Watch.

Smartwatches still haven’t been adopted by the masses, but getting the Apple Watch in front of the place where the majority of US customers purchase their phones is the right strategy to help increase adoption.

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