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Apple’s iOS 9.0.2 update plugs a Siri-shaped security hole

Apple has rolled out a minor update to iOS 9 to plug a security hole that left iPhone owners vulnerable to a Siri exploit.

The iOS 9.0.2 patch has been deployed to correct an issue that made it theoretically possible to bypass a handset’s lock screen using the virtual assistant.

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The update works by “restricting options on a locked device,” to prevent users exploiting Siri in this way.

It also quashes iCloud backup issues, iMessage activation problems and a bug with mobile data settings, as well as a screen-rotation glitch.

Users will have to wait for the iOS 9.1 update for more substantial new features like bonus emoji, including that infamous smiley with a raised middle finger.

You can check whether iOS 9.0.2 is available to you by going into Settings on your device and selecting Software Update within the General tab.

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