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Are you already planning on buying Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7?


In August, right after the month starts, Samsung is hosting an event that everyone expect to see the Galaxy Note 7 unveiled. Yes, if you’ve been keeping tabs on the rumors, it’s believed that the manufacturer is going to actually skip the “6” brand for its phablet lineup, and go right to 7. Depending on what you read, the reasons for this range, to wanting to seem like a direct competitor to the oft-rumored iPhone 7 Plus, and to also not look directly inferior to the Galaxy 7 and Galaxy S7 edge that launched earlier this year.

Whatever the reason, I’m not sure it really much matters. It might get a few people confused, but the folks asking, “What happened to the Galaxy Note 6?” probably won’t give it much attention after they see the Galaxy Note 7 in the real world. If the Rumor Mill is any indicator, the next phablet is going to be quite impressive, just as the previous handsets have been, so there’s obviously something to be looking forward to here.

Things like an iris scanner are pretty cool, even if early reports seem to indicate it might not work as well as everyone will want it to, especially right out of the box. But Samsung isn’t afraid to throw in new technology into its devices. Even the use of huge displays for smartphones wasn’t a guaranteed home run for the company, but obviously it worked out for them.

The Galaxy Note 7 sounds like it’s going to be a great device, and we don’t have any real reason not to believe the Rumor Mill at this point, right? It’ll have a sharp Quad HD display, the processor will hum along at a steady pace, it’ll probably be jam-packed with RAM, and the camera, just like what we’ve seen with the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, will probably be ridiculously capable.

We’ve reached a stage of the smartphone market that the most unexpected thing at this point would be if a phone isn’t very good.

Our technology has stabilized to the point where we know a high-end smartphone is going to hum along. The screen’s going to be awesome to look at. It’ll let us dig deep into augmented and virtual reality digital landscapes. The cameras will take some great photos. And, hopefully, the software won’t get bogged down a week after you take it out of the box. We just expect these things to be the case.

It’s no different with the Galaxy Note 7. So for the folks who picked up the Galaxy Note 5, or who plan on upgrading to a phablet and want to use Samsung’s S Pen regardless of the device their switching from, I don’t think it would be all that surprising to hear they are already planning on buying the Galaxy Note 7.

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