• Product Name: RCC Nano One
  • Manufacturer: Artison
  • MSRP: $999



So you bought a soundbar or you have small in-wall speakers and they don’t give you the bass that you really want and your significant other says a giant floor subwoofer is out of the question. Now you’re in luck. Artison might have an answer for you with their RCC Nano One wireless subwoofer. Artison touts the RCC Nano One as the world’s smallest high performance subwoofer and at $1000 it better perform.  Measuring only 7.5” x 8” x 9” including feet and grilles, it certainly is small!

Artison started development from the ground up with this new sub giving it a whole new driver design.  With a piston area of an oversized 8” woofer, the 6.5″ driver has 20mm (0.78″) of linear excursion (how far the cone can move without distortion), coupled with large magnet structures and with multi-layer voice coils.

The Nano One also incorporates a universal voltage power supply, designed so that no matter where you live it will work with your main’s power.  The Nano One should automatically sense and adjust to the voltage in your home. The sub features a Class D amplifier rated at over 300 watts RMS.


We were intrigued that Artison decided to use aluminum as the cabinet design instead of composite materials. The 6061 T6 Aluminum enclosure is designed to be both rigid and thin to further decrease the overall size. Adsorptive damping is also added to help reduce resonance. Like all of Artison’s subwoofers, the Nano incorporates RCC (Reactance Cancelling Configuration) which reduces cabinet vibration, so you can place it anywhere without it walking out of the room or off a shelf due to excessive vibrations during action flicks or even just really poor plot Michael Bay movies. The aluminum enclosure is CNC machined, bead blasted and anodized, so it should be tough enough to last at least 10 more Dolby upgrades.

“For the cabinet we chose aluminum, which allowed us to create an extraordinarily rigid enclosure that is also very thin, reducing the overall size without sacrificing performance. This attention to detail is what gives Nano a look and feel of uncompromising quality.”

Artison LLC

The Nano is designed to be extremely easy to set-up. Optimal room placement is enabled by a small wireless transmitter that simply plugs into the audio source.  In addition, the Nano One has the wireless receiver built in, so no additional box is needed at the subwoofer. One of the features we liked the most though was that all inputs are discretely hidden on the bottom, so no wires are visible on the back. Considering that the goal of this little sub is discreet functionality, the hidden inputs are a step in the right direction.


To control the bass levels Artison has included a remote with movie and music modes to simplify the task of changing the equalization. The remote seems really cheap looking considering the price of the sub, but we’ll have to see how it performs once we get our hands on one.


The remote features the following choices for adjusting the sub to optimum levels

  • Source 1, 2, or 3 (LFE, Wireless, High-level)
  • Volume Up/Down
  • Power On/Off
  • Movie/Music


Although pricey, the idea of creating a small unobtrusive sub with respectable output is commendable.  This sub won’t shake any walls, the laws of physics prevents it from doing so, but it’s meant for a lifestyle type application of surround sound, out of sight, and usually paired with a soundbar or in-wall speakers. Bench tests will determine the true output and functionality of this Mighty Mouse  unit once we get one in for a thorough pounding.

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