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Become the next PewDiePie with Razer’s Ripsaw capture card for PC, consoles


On Tuesday, Razer launched its very first capture video device, the Razer Ripsaw. This external capture card will let gamers stream their favorite titles to platforms such as Twitch and YouTube without bogging down the framerates or reducing the resolution. It even works with popular broadcasting solutions including Open Broadcaster Software and XSplit right out of the box.

“Razer has been involved with the streaming scene since the beginning of game broadcasting, with top streamers using our hardware through the ages to get the unfair gaming advantage in front of audiences,” said Min-Liang Tan, Razer CEO and co-founder.  “We’re excited to design a game capture card that meets the exacting needs of broadcasters and to also give newcomers a perfect tool to help them possibly become the next Syndicate or Pewdiepie.”

The beauty of this device is that it’s not just locked to PC gaming. In fact, it’s compatible with the Xbox One, the Xbox 360, the PlayStation 4, the PlayStation 3, and the Nintendo Wii U. It can also be used with Razer’s Forge TV set-top box in case you’re in the mood to stream Android games too.

As for the PC requirements for the Razer Ripsaw, the device requires an Intel Core i5-4440 (3.10GHz) processor or better, a Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 graphics card or better, and 4GB of memory, although the company recommends 8GB. If you’re gaming on a laptop, the requirements include an Intel Core i7-4810MQ processor or better, and a Nvidia GeForce GTX 870M graphics chip or better. The same amount of memory is required on a laptop.

The Razer Ripsaw bundle includes the capture device, a USB 3.0 cable, an HDMI cable, a component AV cable, a component AV multi-cable, a 3.5mm audio cable, and a product information guide. Essentially, this device sits between your console or PC, and the HDTV or PC monitor thanks to a few cables. Pretty simple.

The new Razer Ripsaw is part of the company’s larger Broadcaster family that includes the two Razer Seiren digital gaming microphones and the Razer Stargazer depth-sensing HD webcam. Combine these two products with the Razer Ripsaw and gamers can create a professional-grade broadcasting service for any gaming platform. Of course, this setup will set you back a few bucks: the base Seiren model costs $180, the new Razer Ripsaw costs $180, and the Stargazer will cost $200 when it ships in the second quarter of 2016.

Game streaming is big business if you have the right equipment and a knack for keeping people entertained. PewDiePie, aka Felix Kjellberg, supposedly raked in around $7.5 million in 2014. He’s mostly known for his Let’s Play videos found on YouTube. According to GameSpot, he had 37 million subscribers as of July 2015, and generates more than $4 million in ad sales each year. It’s a big business indeed.

This streamer promises a 1080p resolution at 60 frames per second. It connects to a PC via a fast USB 3.0 port and captures game footage as uncompressed raw data with zero latency. There’s also an auxiliary input jack mounted on the front as well as a microphone jack, allowing streamers to add music and voiceover commentary to their streaming sessions. On the back are HDMI input and output jacks, a component input jack, and a USB 3.0 port.


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