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Best On-Ear and Around-Ear Headphones


Planning on replacing the basic in-ear set that came with your phone? If you’re looking for something that’s a little nicer looking, or more comfortable to keep wearing for long hours, then it might be time to switch to a nice on-ear or over-ear pair. These headsets can make a nice fashion statement, and there’s a huge range of variety here, so you can find something that suits your personal taste.

Where in-ear headphones are preferred for their portability and convenience, on-ear and over-ear headphones are known for their comfort, sound and styling. These headphones feature larger drivers that are capable of a wider range of sound and sonic prowess, and sit atop your ears rather than deep inside your ear canals.

Today, we go into the details on the best on-ear and around-ear headphones available in various budgets. Whether you’re shopping without a price limit or you’re looking at an affordable option for home use, you’ll find something that suits you in our list of the best on-ear and around-ear headphones for every budget.


Best under Rs. 1,000

Sennheiser HD180 – Rs. 990

A classic product, the Sennheiser HD180 has been the company’s top-selling entry level around-ear headset for many years now. The headphones completely wrap around your ears for a comfortable fit, while the lightweight plastic build keeps it comfortable over long periods. One of the biggest pros of the HD180 is the 3m cable, which makes this the ideal headset for home use, whether it’s with a TV, computer or smartphone.

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Best under Rs. 2,500

Audio Technica ATH-AX1IS – Rs. 1,565

Among the cheapest over-ear headsets in the Audio Technica range, the ATH-AX1IS look and feel fantastic, with generous cushioning in the ear-pads and 36mm drivers running the show. The headset also features a folding design for easy storage, as well as an in-line microphone and remote. It’s one of the best budget over-ear products you can buy.

Also consider: SoundMagic P21 (Review) – Rs. 2,499


Best under Rs. 5,000

Denon AH-D510R – Rs. 4,499

A premium brand with a solid presence in high-end and high-fidelity audio, Denon also manufactures excellent headphones, such as the AH-D510R. An on-ear design (although it might wrap around smaller ears) with 42mm drivers, the D510R is known for its balanced, natural sound. It also features an in-line microphone and remote, making it mobile-friendly.

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