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BlackBerry Priv owners promised early security updates


BlackBerry takes security seriously, and it isn’t about to soften its stance on the matter just because it’s an Android manufacturer these days.

The Canadian firm has promised that anyone who purchases its debut Google phone, the Priv, will receive security updates before the rest of the Android crowd.

BlackBerry is getting ahead of the curve, dishing out hotfixes​ and patches before Google releases its monthly security report, which flags up vulnerabilities in the operating system.

The patches will be issued over the air for free to anyone who consents to the company’s regular monthly update programme​.

For more severe threats, BlackBerry will issue fixes a lot sooner, while business users have been told that their IT departments will be given full control over which updates are installed.

There’s a lot riding on the Priv – which comes with powerful specs, a curved display and a retractable keyboard – as reports suggest that BlackBerry’s operating systems have now fallen behind Samsung’s fledgling Tizen in terms of adoption.

The phone goes on sale on November 9, priced at £559​ SIM free.

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