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Euro 2016 Drinking Game: The best way to endure ITV commentary


Numb the pain of cheering on England with our UEFA Euro 2016 football drinking game, which can be played during any Euros match, but is especially dangerous during an ITV showing.

Football and drinking are two of Britain’s favourite past-times, and so why not combine them into a glorious living room sport of your own? Our Euro 2016 drinking game will help you to get through every painful, stilted England performance in the Euros, and make that infamous ITV commentary even more dangerous to your health.

All you need to take part is some sort of telly device and a crate of your favourite booze. Remember, kiddies, that this game is for over-18s only and should be enjoyed responsibly. So raise your tankard and steel your stomach with a pickled onion sandwich and get ready for a month of glorious footy action.

Euro 2016 Drinking Game: Take a sip of your drink if…

The commentators state the obvious (e.g. if that had been on target, it might have been a goal)

The commentators spout a ciché (e.g. of course, it’s a game of two halves)

The commentators mispronounce a foreign player’s name

There’s a close-up of terrible hair

Any kind of blatant dive, rolling around in pretend pain and general wussiness

A fizzy drink appears on screen

The camera view switches to a sub doing a comedy jog to warm up

Euro 2016 Drinking Game: Down a finger of your drink if…

A commentator laughs at his own joke

Lee Dixon looks suicidal

Pointless stats are rattled off

The ref gets busy with the foamy spray

Lingering, pervy shot of a good-looking lady, who may very well be wearing a low-cut top

There’s a shot of a cute child with face paint, looking pensive (or off their tits on sweets)

There’s a weird cartoon image of a famous footballer doing something French next to a French landmark

A player gets all weepy

Someone in the room mentions Bilic’s hair

Euro 2016 Drinking Game: Down your drink if…

England actually score a goal

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