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Fitbit beats Apple and Xiaomi to win the wearables race in 2015


Fitbit has won the wearables race in 2015, finishing the year ahead of its closest competitors Apple and Xiaomi in terms of units sold.

Figures from market analyst IDC suggest that Fitbit’s Charge and Surge devices are the world’s most popular fitness trackers, claiming a 22% market share between them last quarter.

The Apple Watch is off the pace with an 18.6% stake, while Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi took the bronze medal with its 17.4% share.

Garmin and BBK rounded off the top five, while the likes of Android Wear, Pebble and Jawbone were lumped together in the ‘others’ category, which accounts for 34.6% of the sector.

IDC’s statistics appear to indicate that the wearables market has grown by a whopping 200% year on year, and further expansion is forecast.

It is estimated that more than half a billion wearable devices will be in circulation worldwide by 2019.

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