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Galaxy Note 3 Vs. Vivo Xplay 3S – Best Phone Ever?

Vivo Phone

Galaxy Note 3 Vs. Vivo Xplay 3S – Best Phone Ever?

A full comparison between the Galaxy Note 3 and the VIVO XPlay 3S. The Vivo Xplay 3S is a ground breaking phone featuring the worlds first 2k display(2560×14…
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vivo phone
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Vivo – Chicago 2006

How can I tell if a smartphone will work with my phone company?

I have Union Wireless, and recently broke my smartphone. I replaced it with a cheap phone, and now that I have money, I want to replace it. I’ve read you can buy unlocked phones and use those, but how do I know if it works with my company?

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Answer by KimahriSays
I’m not familiar with Union Wireless, but from googling a bit it looks like a GSM carrier and offers a lot of phones like the BLU Vivo which is usually sold unlocked in the USA. You should call and ask the company whether an unlocked GSM phone you bought from somewhere else will work on their network. You should also ask if the phones they sell are locked or not. Most phones in the world run under a technology called GSM that uses SIM cards. If you want to use a new phone, it should be as simple as taking out your old SIM card from your old phone and putting it in the new phone. The SIM card identifies you on the network, and the new phone should work without problems. A “locked” phone is usually a phone sold by a carrier that only works with that one carrier. If you put a SIM card that is not Union Wireless into a locked Union Wireless phone, it will not work. The good thing is, any locked GSM phone can be unlocked, by entering a special pin code, and they will forever be unlocked. Phones not sold by a carrier are usually already “unlocked” and ready to be used on any carrier you so desire. Carriers usually lock their phones down to keep people from getting a high-end phone at a low 2-year contract price and then running away with it and switching to another carrier.

Since Union Wireless seems to sell a lot of popular phones already on their website that are guaranteed to work on their network, why not just buy straight from them? Another good option is buying from Amazon. They have a very generous phone return policy. If the phone does not work on your network, you can usually just send it back and get a refund. There are many online stores that sell unlocked GSM phones. You can also try eBay, and get a cheaper used phone that is unlocked.

Any unlocked GSM phone should work with Union Wireless, but the best thing is to call and ask. You should also ask what 3G bands they use, and look at the phone specs for the phone you want to see if it has those bands. But in general, any modern smartphone you buy unlocked that is GSM should work on a GSM carrier with no issue. The only company with weird bands is T-mobile. They specialize in using the 1700mhz band for 3G data, which can be a pain. But they are refarming their 1900mhz band in many areas now, allowing 1900mhz band phones to work. It’s best to call Union Wireless to see what 3G bands they support. I’m guessing it should be the standard fare that any GSM phone already supports.

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vivo phone
Image by _Tony_B
Vivo – Chicago 2006

Vivo Xplay 3S unveiled with a 6-inch 2K display, powerful audio amp and

vivo phone
Like other recent Vivo phones, you'll find a pair of dedicated audio chips on the Xplay 3S — here you have ESS Technology's ES9018 DAC and Texas Instruments' OPA2604 amplifier, both of which are said to be the crème de la crème in their respective …

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