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Google Play gets twice as many downloads as the App Store, just half the money


Google Play now sees more than twice as many downloads as Apple’s App Store, according to the latest data from App Annie — but it still can’t rake in anywhere near as much revenue.

Just three years ago, the App Store led the way in downloads and revenue, despite a smaller market share. But as Android’s install base grew even larger, it slowly started to catch up — at least in when it comes to downloads.

According to App Annie, the Play Store saw 100 percent more downloads than the App Store during the first quarter of 2016. But despite half as many downloads, Apple’s service still raked in 90 percent more revenue.


This confirms that free apps and games — supported by ads and in-app purchases — still account for the vast majority of Android titles. But given how rampant piracy is on Android, that’s certainly not surprising.

Google Play saw its largest revenue growth in the U.S. last quarter, while downloads increased most in Vietnam, Argentina, and Egypt where Android games are becoming increasingly popular.

The App Store’s revenue and downloads grew most in China, where the iPhone continues to sell incredibly well. China has actually overtaken Japan to claim second place in the revenue rankings for iOS, and is on its way to overtaking to the U.S.

The most popular category of apps on Android last quarter was “tools,” while those that saw the most revenue — likely due to things like sticker packs — were communication and social apps.

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