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Google Play Music All Access Subscription Gets $15 Family Plan


At its media event on Tuesday, Google also announced that it is introducing a family plan for its music streaming Google Play Music All Access subscription. The Google Play Music All Access Family Plan is for up to 6 users, with each using their own ID, priced at $15 (roughly Rs. 1,000) per month.

As the space for music streaming becomes more competitive than ever, Google realises that its service is missing a key feature that both Apple Music and Spotify offer: a family plan. The company announced at its event that up to six members will be able to subscribe to Google Play Music All Access Family Plan for $14.99. It will be available later this year, while the single user subscription remains at $9.99.


If the subscription cost sounds familiar to you, that is because it is. Apple Music’s family plan is also priced at $14.99. The family plan on Spotify, however, ranges between $14.99 and $29.99, depending on the number of users. The $14.99 tier allows you to add up to two accounts.

Google also said that recommendations and personalisations will be offered in the family subscription and it will customised to each account. So, you won’t have to stumble across the songs that your siblings and friends like.

Available in over 58 countries on Android and iOS platforms, Google Play Music All Access allows users to stream songs using over a Web interface as well. Users can With Apple’s plan to launch Apple Music to Android platform later this year, it is perhaps in Google’s best interest to get as many users as it can to its service before that happens.

It’s worth pointing out that Google Play Music All Access isn’t available in India as of yet. Perhaps it’s not going to happen soon enough as Google will have to partner with many local giants to get rights to get their songs on its service. And with may music services in the country offering extremely competitive plans, Google will have a hard time justifying the efforts.

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