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How Social Networks Drive Technology Forward

How Social Networks Drive Technology Forward

In each generation we seem to face almost insurmountable hurdles, but we emerge living longer, richer, cleaner, healthier lives. The answer, obviously, is that we are able to create solutions faster, through technology and innovation, than problems emerge.

Aisha Tyler on privacy, technology and Watch Dogs

Aisha Tyler has a simple plan, one which she knows has absolutely zero chance of success. She's going to attempt a "digital detox" for the month of August, during which she'll withdraw from Twitter and email and Google and all the other little …

Q&A with Udacity's Sebastian Thrun Rachel Metz

Thrun sat down to chat with MIT Technology Review IT Editor Rachel Metz at Udacity's Mountain View, California, office. San Jose State University is suspending courses it has been offering through Udacity that involved both high school and San Jose …

Does anonymity harm online debate? – video

Ticckle is a new online platform for debate where participants submit a 30-second video outlining their argument, and others respond with their 30-second videos. Users are expected to remain identifiable. Here, Vanessa Thorpe, the Observer's arts and …

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