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How to Add Custom Characters to the Apple Watch’s Monogram


You can personalize your Apple Watch with different watch faces and “complications”, but if you really want to add a personal touch, the “Color” watch face has a cool Monogram complication, which allows you to display up to four characters on the watch face. The Monogram complication is more customizable than people realize, though.

Here’s how to customize the Monogram complication and how to access more options for characters, such as the Apple logo.

If your watch face is not currently the Color watch face, first make sure the watch face is active. If it’s not, press the digital crown until you are returned to the watch face. Then, force touch on the watch face.


The watch face selector will pop up. Swipe left or right to find the Color watch face, depending on which watch face was active.


Once you find the Color watch face, tap “Customize”.


The first customization screen for the Color watch face allows you to choose the color. If you want to change the color, use the digital crown to select a different color. Then, swipe left to go to the second customization screen.


This screen allows you to change which complications display on the watch face. Tap on the center complication. The only options for this spot are “None” or “Monogram”. Make sure “Monogram” is selected.


Press the digital crown until you return to the watch face. Notice the monogram at the top of the watch face.


Now that we have the Color watch face selected and the monogram complication on, you can customize the monogram using your phone. Tap the “Watch” app on the Home screen.


Make sure the “My Watch” screen is active. If not, tap the “My Watch” icon at the bottom of the screen.


On the “My Watch” screen, tap “Clock”.


Tap “Monogram” on the “Clock” screen.


The cursor is automatically placed at the end of the current monogram. Delete the current character(s) and type letters, numbers, or symbols from the standard keyboard. Tap “< Clock” at the top of the “Monogram” screen to return to the previous screen.


The character(s) you typed display to the right of the “Monogram” option on the “Clock” screen.


Your new monogram displays on the Color watch face.


Here’s where things get interesting. You can also add other characters as long as you can copy them from other sources. The UniChar Picker app is a great source. Search for it in the App Store and install it. Then, tap the “UniChar” icon on the Home screen to open the app.


You can use any character from UniChar’s collection as part of your monogram. For this example, we’ll use the Apple logo. Scroll down to the “Pictographs” section and tap on the Apple logo.


The Apple Logo will show up in the “Recently Used” section. To copy the Apple Logo symbol, tap and hold on the Apple Logo…


…until you see “Copied” display on the screen.


Go back to the “Monogram” screen in the “Watch” app, as described earlier. Delete the current monogram and then tap and hold in that spot until you see the “Paste” popup and tap on that popup.


The Apple Logo is inserted on the “Monogram” screen. Again, tap “Clock” at the top of the screen to accept the change and return to the Clock screen.


The Apple Logo will show up to the right of “Monogram” on the “Clock” screen.


The Apple Logo now displays on the Color watch face.



Some characters may not look good on the Color watch face because the character becomes very small. Try out different characters and see what you like–there’s a lot of cool stuff you can do.

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