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iPhone 6: The Most Awaited Phone in 2014

Apple has been known to launch its products with much fanfare and there is no reason for things to be any different this time around, when the most awaited phone of 2014 is to be unveiled on 9th of September – iPhone 6. Even though Apple users have got a peep into what to expect from the new iPhone, there is always room for surprises in terms of features that makes every iPhone fan’s imagination run amok. And, rightly so, because iPhones starting from its first generation, has played a vital role in changing the dynamics and the evolution of the smartphones we know today.

The infographic below, discusses the features and fans wishlist of Apple iPhone 6. Some of these features are much needed considering active competition from other major players. The top 3 features wanted by the fans in the iPhone 6 is a longer battery life, water resistance and a crack resistant screen. Removable battery, larger screen size, wireless charging capabilities, built-in health applications, mobile wallet and better synchronization with wearable gadgets also features in the popular demand.

It remains to be seen how many of these features are actually integrated in the Apple iPhone 6, but with its launch date inching closer, the excitement in Apple Stores and among iPhone loyalists is increasing rapidly. Even though the market is filled with numerous competitors, Apple has been able to hold its premium position firmly. This is mainly because of the company’s legacy of not disappointing its users, which is so far generously rewarded by the users with their loyalty. The launch of iPhone 6 is expected to make Apple’s portfolio stronger, as with a larger screen, better battery life and a bevy of futuristic features, even the nearest competitors are expected to face the music of one-sided competition, at least for the time being.

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