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iPhone 6s Plus: Smartphone usage without compromise

Android manufacturers have stepped up in 2015 and even offer better cameras than the iPhone. However, the 6s Plus has some innovations and a compelling ecosystem that earns it a place in Matthew’s pocket.


I blew past the return period for my Apple iPhone 6s Plus and then spent time testing a few more of the best 10 smartphones. My SIM always kept going back into one device and after more than a month I can say there is very little I don’t like about my iPhone 6s Plus.

My one month with the iPhone 6 Plus was posted a year ago last week and everything I listed there remains valid for the 6s Plus. Even better, Apple fixed one thing I didn’t like while the other remains the same.

In addition to what I listed last year (large display, metal and glass design, cameras, long battery life, Touch ID, email, and apps), here are more reasons I like using the iPhone 6s Plus:

  1. 3D Touch: Apple provides a new way of interacting with your phone with 3D Touch and shows that smartphone innovation is still alive and well. The convenience of Quick Actions is great while the Peek and Pop functions offer some unique experiences.
  2. Live Photos: The ability to capture some live footage before and after the shot isn’t that important, but it sure is fun to share your memories with family and friends. Third party apps now let you share these Live Photos with others as GIFs too.
  3. Hey Siri: In the past I really only used Siri to create reminders. My usage has taken off with the ability to now initiate Siri hands-free at all times. I am regularly creating reminders, taking notes, checking on my sports teams, communicating with people, and more thanks to the improvements in Siri.
  4. Microsoft and Google support: It’s funny to write that Microsoft and Google contribute to my usage of the iPhone 6s Plus, but new and updated apps and services from both companies have made my iOS experience one without compromises. It always seems I’m giving up something with other phones, but that’s not the case with the iPhone 6s Plus loaded with these, and other, apps.
  5. 2GB RAM: Thankfully, we finally see Apple increase the amount of RAM in the very expensive iPhone. More RAM allows those who run lots of apps to launch and use them without worry. Even though my Note 5 has 4GB of RAM, the 2GB amount in the iPhone gives me a smoother overall experience.
  6. Apple Watch: Last year, there was no companion smartwatch for the iPhone and having owned one for the last several months has convinced me its the best Apple product I’ve ever purchased. I expected a version one product to have bugs, issues, and limited usefulness. That’s not the case and the partnership between the Apple Watch and iPhone 6s Plus is awesome.

There are also a couple things I would like to see Apple address in the next iPhone, including:

  • Quick charging: While I rarely have to charge my iPhone 6s Plus during the day, I would like to see Apple incorportate rapid charging technology. My Android phones require more frequent charging than the 6s Plus, but the pain is eased by super fast charging and the iPhone would be even better with this capability. The iPhone 6s also doesn’t last as long as my large iPhone so those users would benefit even more.
  • Narrower bezels: My Galaxy Note 5 has a larger display than the iPhone 6s Plus, yet has smaller overall dimensions and is easier to hold and put in a pocket. I would like to see Apple reduce some of the space around the bezels and improve the ergonomics of the iPhone next year.

My Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is also a favorite and my SIM finds its way there often as well. The iPhone 6s Plus gets better battery life and more friends and family in the iOS messaging ecosystem make the iPhone the more convenient choice.


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