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Kogan Switches On Its 4G Service, Reveals New 11GB $50 Plan


If you’re a Kogan Mobile customer, you can now access 4G a month earlier than planned.

David Shafer, Executive Director of Kogan, said the fast-tracked roll out of 4G was “part of Kogan Mobile’s commitment to continuously improve the value customers receive from the service”.

“We promised our customers 4G connectivity was coming by June this year. We have delivered on that promise and we have delivered it ahead of schedule,” he said.

Kogan Mobile also announced a new Prepaid Option — the “11XL Option” gives you 11GB monthly data allowance and unlimited standard calls and texts within Australia for $49.95 a month. There’s also the option to pay $499.95 for the whole year up front, bringing the daily cost down to $1.40 a day.

There’s a “limited time” deal that adds an extra 1GB of data to the 11XL plan, and an extra 2GB data to the 5XL plan when you recharge before 31 July 2016.

“Kogan Mobile has made 4G more accessible for Aussie consumers, at affordable prices that won’t break the bank,” Shafer continued. “New and existing Kogan Mobile customers now have more options than ever to choose the Plan that works best for them.”

Here are all the plans on offer:



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