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Learning to code for mobile means getting your hands dirty


So you want to code for iOS 9. If you’re serious about it, you’ll have to be ready to dig in with both hands, to get a grip on the concepts, techniques and languages of mobile development. That’s exactly what this in-depth course offers in covering development for iOS 9 and Swift 2. With 77 video lectures walking you through actual coding, and clocking in at over 15 hours, this is an ideal opportunity to get your coding chops together, for just $19.99.

The hands-on lessons cover things like model-view-controller design pattern and best coding practices, REST-APIs and JSON, source control via Github plus lots more. This is a truly comprehensive course that encourages learning by doing. By the end, you’ll have built a working music video app, and will be left in a position to code any app you can imagine.

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