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LG G5 tips and tricks


LG has unveiled its new flagship smartphone, the LG G5, at this year’s Mobile World Congress – and it’s much more than a simple iterative update from the LG G4.

It has an innovative modular design that enables you add even more features to the handset, as well as a premium aluminium body and a number of companion devices – called ‘LG Friends’ – which connect to the LG G5 to further expand the functionality of this awesome new smartphone.

If you’re planning on being first in line to buy the LG G5 when it launches, we’ve got a number of tips and tricks to help you get the most out of the new handset.

1. Get your essential info at a glance

LG claims that many people turn on their smartphones to quickly check the time, or view their notifications, up to 150 times a day, and this can have a noticeable impact on battery life.

The LG G5 aims to make life easier for habitual phone-checkers with an always-on display that will constantly show the time, date and various notifications.

Although the screen is always on, it’s designed to be as power efficient as possible, and it means you can quickly glance at the LG G5’s display to get all the information you need – ideal if you’re in a meeting.

2. Unlock with your finger

You can quickly unlock the LG G5 by placing your finger on the power button, which includes a built-in fingerprint sensor that’s handily placed on the back of the phone, making it easy to reach.

You don’t need to press down on the button either – just a quick brush of your finger should be enough to unlock the LG G5.

3. Use KnockOn to wake the device

Another way of quickly waking the LG G5 is by using the KnockOn feature. All you need to do is double-tap the screen and it will wake up the handset.

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