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Stephen and I talked about Microsoft Lync, an enterprise communications software that was first released by Microsoft under the name Office Communicator. Lync, is available in two flavors:  Microsoft Lync Server and Lync Online which is included in Office 365, Microsoft’s Online Cloud Solution.  Basic features of Lync include: instant messenger, Voice Over IP, video conferencing, screen sharing and online meeting capabilities. Stephen also discussed using Lync as your enterprise phone system, and that is when I revealed that in my first job out of college was selling phone systems. Phone systems have come a long way since those days, and Lync can offers great things in the enterprise voice space. One aspect Stephen highlighted was a feature  called Federation, which allows you to communicate with people outside of your organization, as if they were part of your network. You can see their persona and their presence as if they were in the office next to yours, but yet they are part of a different organization and network.

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