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New SAMSUNG Laptops the Series 5 Ultrabooks

Samsung Notebooks

New SAMSUNG Laptops the Series 5 Ultrabooks

After watching the video click here for more info: http://ritchiesroom.com/2012/01/31/new-samsung-laptops-the-series-5-ultrabooks/ The new Samsung laptops th…
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Samsung notebook
Samsung Notebooks
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How do i open or use itunes on the new samsung notebook series 9?

I just got a new samsung notebook series 9, and i want to put my songs from my iphone onto my laptop, can i do it using itunes? how can i do it?

Samsung Notebooks best answer:

Answer by Jonathan Cha
Go to apple.com then click itunes and download it. Install the program after wards and drag your music to the library

Samsung Notebook/Netbook 試用者合照
Samsung Notebooks
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