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Neyya smart ring puts notifications at your fingertips


Smart rings have been around for a few years now, mostly suffering from obscurity as early adopter curiosities. But as wearable tech accessories like the Apple Watch capture the mainstream, the public is slowly catching on.

Hoping to ride the emerging wave of tech-powered fashion accessories, a new smart ring called Neyya has just been launched as an interface tool for your devices.

With a base made of stainless steel, the top of the ring is a smooth, flat capacitive touchpad embedded with a tiny indicator LED. The touchpad’s surface works as an interface, allowing you to swipe up, down, left and right as well as tap to initiate various functions.


Powered by a lithium ion battery, the smart ring gets about 10 days on standby and three days with regular use.

Once you connect the device via Bluetooth to your iPhone or desktop computer, you’re afforded access to a wide range of ring-assisted controls. Right out of the box, the Neyya can be paired with your iPhone and serve as a volume and selection control for your iTunes app.


The device’s manual promises more non-app functions when the ring is paired, such as Siri activation, but we were unable to get that feature to work. Once you download the Neyya app, a larger array of functions are available, including the ability to use the smart ring to control yourRoku and GoPro devices or using it as a presentation tool in apps like PowerPoint.

Answering phone calls using the ring, which vibrates and lights up when a call comes in, is pretty seamless. And the cool blue LED power indicator on the ring’s docking station is surprisingly attractive and cleverly designed (the base is magnetized, pulling the ring into place when you move it near).


And while this is definitely one of the better made smart rings we’ve seen (the fit and finish are impressive) the device falls a bit short in the style department.

Yes, you need a capacitive touchpad to be a certain size to facilitate all that swiping and tapping, but as a piece of jewelry the Neyya comes off as a bit clunky and oversized. Even though it comes in small, medium and large sizes, on nearly anyone’s hand we tried it on (large and small folks alike), it looked, somehow, too big.


Of course, styles vary from person to person, so some users may like the design just fine. And the style issue is no small point, as the Neyya is getting a pretty high-end roll out in Bloomingdales later this month. But most of the men and women we showed it to in our unscientific office poll didn’t seem too enthusiastic about the prospect of wearing it.

Offered in a titanium finish ($129) or gold finish ($169), the smart ring will be also be sold at Target and on Amazon later this month. You can also order it directly from the company’s website today.



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