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No One Knows How To Say Huawei


Huawei has had enough of no one knowing how to pronounce its name, so much so, it has released a multi-million dollar marketing campaign featuring Scarlett Johansson and Henry Cavill to teach us all (as well as promote it’s new flagship phone, the 32 GB $799 P9).

Say it with me, people: Wah-Way.

The ad, hitting our screens on 28 July, is the first time Huawei has advertised on Australian TV. It’s not just about Aussies hearing the name, though.

Australia sits at 52 per cent brand awareness for Huawei, behind the global figure of 65 per cent. Attempts to raise awareness include being the major sponsor of Canberra Raiders, who are giving away a P9 for every try scored in home and away games the next eight weeks till end of season.

The push extends to all Australian Huawei staff, who are also using P9’s acting as “brand ambassadors”.

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