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NuAns Neo hits Kickstarter with Windows 10 Mobile and swappable back covers


We haven’t seen any new Windows 10 Mobile smartphones on T-Mobile since the Fierce XL’s launch earlier this year, but today a new Kickstarter has launched to get Windows fans their fix for a new device.

The NuAns Neo is now live on Kickstarter, and it boasts a unique design thanks to its Twotone covers. The back of the Neo is split into top and bottom halves, NuAns is selling Twotone covers in a variety of colors and materials. These covers can also hold your credit cards. NuAns is offering a Flip cover, too, that offers protection for the front of the Neo.


The Neo itself features a 5-inch 1280×720 display and 5-megapixel wide-angle camera on its face, as well as a 13-megapixel wide-angle camera on its rear. Inside of its 11.3mm-thick body — which NuAns says will make the Neo comfortable to handle — is an octa-core Snapdragon 617 processor, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, a microSD slot, NFC support, and a 3350mAh battery. The Neo also boasts support for Continuum, which you can use to connect the phone to a monitor, keyboard, and mouse to use it like a traditional PC.

When it comes to cellular connectivity, the Neo includes LTE bands 2, 4, 5, 12, and 17, and NuAns touts that it includes APN settings for T-Mobile. There’s no mention of VoLTE or Wi-Fi Calling support, though, and so I’ve reached out to NuAns plans to get certified for those features before the Neo begins shipping to backers in November 2016.

Pricing for the NuAns Neo starts $270 for an early bird bundle with one Neo, and a Twotone cover or a Flip cover. Once all 1,000 of those are gone, NuAns will offer another 1,000 at a price of $325. The standard Kickstarter price for that bundle is $380, and the retail price will be $399.99. Also available is a $30 accessory tier that includes any combination of Twotone cover or a Flip cover.

The NuAns Neo is a unique smartphone thanks to its Twotone swappable covers, and while it’s not a super high-end phone, Windows 10 Mobile fans don’t exactly have a ton of options when it comes to new hardware nowadays.

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