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Pay what you want for this game design bundle


I dabbled with game design once. ONCE. It was years ago, and my masterpiece was more a screensaver than anything. From that day I swore that I would only play, not create, for the good of humankind! If you on the other hand enjoy making games that actually work, you might be interested in this bundle.

Joystiq have put together a whole lot of neat lectures and courses into one package. Similarly to your ordinary humble bundle, you can pay whatever you want for the first tier of unlocks. Pay above average though, and you get a whole lot more. Individually, these would all cost around $800!

We’ve partnered with four of the web’s finest e-instructors to bring you The NYOP Game Design Bundle! You pay what you want for 4 top notch game development/design courses, and if you pay more than the average price, you’ll receive all 4 courses!


Here’s what you would get with the Unity 3D tool for example:

  • 105 lectures with 19+ hours of content
  • Learn about the Unity UI
  • Understand how to structure Unity projects
  • Get a grip on basic, intermediate & advanced Unity scripting
  • Learn how to compile games to console + mobile devices
  • Get experience with level and sound design
  • Receive a Certificate of Completion

At time of writing, the average price is $6.29. That’s dirt cheap for a whole lot of intellectual material that should help your game development skills. 10% of the purchases will also go to various charities.

Who knows, with enough practice, you too could join our local legends some day. Are you a game developer? Are you happy to see a bundle of this nature?

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