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PlayStation VR is out in October – here’s everything that comes in the box


So it’s official then. PlayStation VR will be released this October priced at £349- and by the looks of things it’s selling out fast.

But what exactly do you get for your cash? Here’s a closer look at what comes in the PlayStation VR box…

First things first, you’ll receive one of those futuristic-looking PlayStation VR headsets. The headset features a 5.7-inch OLED screen with a 1920 x RGB x 1080 resolution, which works out at 960 x RGB x 1080 for each eye.


The display has a 120Hz refresh rate and 100-degree field of view (approximately), with accelerometer and gyroscopic sensors.

OK, so that’s the biggie, but you’ll also need to hook it up to a processor unit, which kind of looks like a miniature PS4.



The processor unit is kind of like the middle man between the VR headset, PS4 and TV. One of its duties will be to display VR footage on the TV, presumably for onlookers to laugh at.


You’ll also receive a whole bunch of cables to connect the various pieces of hardware, including a HDMI cable, a USB cable, an AC power cord and an adaptor.

Finally, there’s a pair of stereo headphones of the in-ear variety.


However, what it doesn’t come with is a PlayStation Camera, which you’ll need to buy separately for head-tracking purposes. Bundles featuring both the camera and headset will be decided on a regional basis.


You’ll also need a PS4 – obviously – a controller and perhaps even a few of those colourful PlayStation Move controllers – the ones that look like they’ve got ping pong balls attached to them.

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