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Prime Day Deals: Nexus 6P, Xbox One, Amazon Products, and a Lot More



  • Amazon is promoting Prime Day as bigger than Black Friday
  • All deals are exclusive to Amazon Prime members
  • Deals will go live throughout the day

Amazon Prime Day is here. A wide range of products have got massive discounts across categories on the online retailer’s website. All of these deals are only available for Amazon Prime members, so if you want to get these discounts, you’ll have to buy a Prime subscription. We picked the best deals we found on Amazon US, though other Amazon stores like the ones in Canada and UK, among others, are also marking Prime Day 2016 with discounts of their own.

Note that most of these deals will not ship to India directly from Amazon US, though you may be able to find many other Prime Day deals that do. But don’t worry, here’s how you can order these products from the US and get them shipped to India. Before you go ahead make the purchase though, remember even if you get a fantastic deal you will have to pay taxes and Customs duties on the goods you order. This can increase the price significantly so you should factor that in before ordering. Note that companies may not honour the warranty locally either.

If the product you select can be delivered by Amazon to your home in India – it will tell you before you order – then the e-commerce company will take care of duties and taxes for you.

Here are the best deals from Amazon US Prime Day 2016 sale. If you already have an Amazon Echo, be sure to check out this page for all Alexa deals. The first purchase you make via Alexa gets you an additional $10 discount.

In addition to these, there are plenty of limited time, lightning deals as well, so keep checking the Prime Day deals page to make sure you don’t miss out on something.

1. Huawei Nexus 6P
The Nexus 6P (Review) 64GB and 128GB variants are available at over 25 percent off on Amazon. If you want a smartphone that runs stock Android, this is a good bet.

Buy Nexus 6P 64GB at $404 (approximately Rs. 27,200) [usually $550 or Rs. 36,900].
Buy Nexus 6P 128GB at $479 (approximately Rs. 32,200) [usually $649 or Rs. 43,560].

Amazon India Nexus 6P 64 GB price: Rs. 39,499


2. Xbox One
The Xbox One will soon be replaced by the new Xbox One S but the “old” console has almost all the features of the new one in a bulkier package. While the price is great, you should know that the US unit of the Xbox One won’t work in India without a step-down transformer – otherwise you could end up damaging your console. The deal offers an Xbox One, a $50 Amazon gift card, an extra wireless controller, and a digital code for Forza Horizon 2.

Three bundles are on sale. The Name Your Game Bundle ships with Halo 5: Guardians – Limited Edition physical disc and offers a download code for one of Forza Motorsport 6, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, or Rare Replay. The Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Bundle comes with the game in the name of the bundle and Fallout 4 Standard Edition. If you buy the 1TB The Division bundle, you also get Rainbow Six: Siege.

Buy Xbox One 1TB The Division Bundle at $299 (approximately Rs. 20,000) [usually $470 or Rs. 31,500] Buy Xbox One 500GB Gears of War Ultimate Edition Bundle at $279 (approximately Rs. 18,800) [usually $430 or Rs. 28,900] Buy Xbox One 500GB Name Your Game Bundle at $279 (approximately Rs. 18,800) [usually $430 or Rs. 28,900]

Amazon India Xbox One price: Rs. 32,490

3. Moto G4 with lockscreen ads
If you are in the US and don’t mind buying an unlocked phone that shows ads on the lockscreen, theMoto G4 (Review) is available only for Amazon Prime members with a big discount. There’s not much point in shipping it if you’re in India though – once you factor in the extra costs to get it here, you’ll find a better deal inside the country itself.

Buy Moto G4 with lockscreen ads at $150 (approximately Rs. 10,000) for 16GB; $180 (approximately Rs. 12,000) for 32GB
Amazon India Moto G4 price: Rs. 12,499

4. Blu R1 HD
Blu is a relatively unknown brand in India, but its unlocked R1 HD smartphone is available at just $50 (roughly Rs. 3,400) if you’re willing to tolerate lockscreen ads.

Buy Blue R1 HD with lockscreen ads at $50 (approximately Rs. 3,350) for 8GB storage/1GB RAM; $60 (approximately Rs. 4,000) for 16GB storage/2GB RAM

Not available in India

5. Honor 5X
Another decent Android smartphone available on Amazon Prime Day, the Honor 5X (Review) has a big discount.

Buy Honor 5X at $120 (approximately Rs. 8,054) [usually $200 or Rs. 13,400] Amazon India Honor 5X price: Rs. 12,987


6. Amazon Echo
The Echo is a speaker that you can use to access Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa. This is a nifty gadget that helps you get a lot of things done just via voice commands. Right now it has a huge price cut. Amazon Tap, Dot, and other Amazon devices are on sale as well.

Buy Amazon Echo at $130 (usually $180 or Rs. 12,000)

Not available in India

7. Bose headphones
If you want in-ear headphones, Bose SoundSport has a big discount, while if you’d like a pair of around-ear headphones, then the SoundTrue is on sale.

Buy Bose SoundSport at $50 (approximately Rs. 3,350) [usually $100 or Rs. 6,700] Amazon India Bose SoundSport price: Rs. 6,210

Buy Bose SoundTrue at $100 (approximately Rs. 6,700) [usually $179 or Rs. 12,000] Amazon India Bose SoundTrue price: Rs. 14,513)

8. SanDisk SSDs and other products
As part of Prime Day 2016, Amazon US is offering various SanDisk products at up to 40 percent discount including SanDisk Ultra 64GB microSDXC UHS-I Card with Adapter at $14.99 (approximately Rs. 1,000) – usually $19.99 (approximately Rs. 1,350) – and SanDisk Ultra II 960GB SATA III 2.5-Inch SSDat $164.99 (approximately Rs. 11,000)- usually $224.57 (approximately Rs. 15,000). There are discounts on various other products including pen drives.

Check out the full range of SanDisk products discounted as part of Prime Day.

9. Amazon Kindle discounts
Amazon has discounted some of its Kindle range of ebook readers for Prime Day. In case you want to pick up one, click one of the links below.

Buy Amazon Kindle at $50 (approximately Rs. 3,350) [usually $80 or Rs. 5,200] Amazon India Kindle price: Rs. 5,999


Buy Amazon Kindle Paperwhite at $90 (approximately Rs. 6,100) [usually $190 or Rs. 12,600] Amazon India Kindle Paperwhite price: Rs. 10,999

Buy Amazon Kindle Voyage at $150 (approximately Rs. 10,000) [usually $200 or Rs. 13,200] Amazon India Kindle Voyage price: Rs. 16,499

10. Amazon Fire TV
If you want a nice, portable box that streams content to your TV, Amazon Fire TV is a decent option. All variants are on sale.

Buy Amazon Fire TV Gaming Edition at $25 (approximately Rs. 1,700) [usually $40 or Rs. 2,700] Buy Amazon Fire TV at $70 (approximately Rs. 4,700) [usually $100 or Rs. 6,700] Buy Amazon Fire TV Gaming Edition at $110 (approximately Rs. 7,400) [usually $140 or Rs. 9,400]

Amazon Fire TV range is not officially available in India yet.

Which are your favourite Amazon Prime Day deals? What did you buy? Let us know via the comments.

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