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Razer’s New Keyboard Combo Lets You Game From The Comfort Of Your Couch


Although the PC chair is the place to be for a tense Counter-Strike match, there’s no substitute for the comfort of a couch when it comes to a marathon gaming session. Anyone with a PC hooked up to their TV knows that while remote controls and Bluetooth controllers can do a pretty good job, there’s still no substitute for a proper keyboard and mouse. Razer’s new Turret combo packs a foldable keyboard and mouse into a dock, unfurling into a complete gaming platform that can rest on your lap.

The Turret was originally a prototype unveiled in 2015, but in the last year it has evolved into the full production-ready model you see below. The combo can connect to your current-generation gaming console using Bluetooth LE, and a bundled 2.4GHz wireless adaptor means you can (of course) hook up a PC or Mac as well.

On the left of the Stable-Table-esque setup, the tenkeyless Razer “gaming-grade” keyboard uses backlit chiclet keys — with a few dedicated Android buttons — while the right side sees a dedicated magnetic mouse mat area take up about two thirds of the size of the keyboard. Because it’s magnetic, the bundled Razer ergonomic wireless mouse won’t slip off even if the keyboard is moved during use.

A 1500mAh rechargeable battery in the keyboard and a 1000mAh battery in the mouse mean 4 months’ and 40 hours’ estimated use respectively — more than enough for even the most extended of couch gaming sessions, and if you’re the kind of person that uses a home theatre PC for basic Netflix and Web browsing, you’ll be tapping away for months without having to charge the keyboard.


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