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Samsung Galaxy S7 release date, rumors, specs, news, price and everything you need to know

Its predcessor might be just a matter of months old, but the Samsung Galaxy S7 release date is already being tipped by the ever-churning rumor mill.

With the Samsung Galaxy S6, and spin-off Galaxy S6 Edge having seen the firm return to former smartphone glories, it has been suggested that the Galaxy S7 is being rushed to market in a bid to stave off competition from the newly announced iPhone 6S.

With a slimmer body tipped to make an appearance, improved camera optics, a new faster processor and software enhancements are all already being mooted for the Samsung Galaxy S7’s features list. Ahead of the eagerly awaited Samsung Galaxy S7 release date, here’s everything you need to know about the Galaxy S6 replacement.

– Expected unveiling: February 21, 2016
– Likely release date: Early March 2016
– Rumored specs: 2560 x 1440 pixel QHD display, 1.0μm pixel-based 16-megapixel camera, Android M, Snapdragon 820 CPU
– Key features: USB Type-C, Iris scanner, wireless charging

Samsung Galaxy S7 release date


The Samsung Galaxy S7 release date could be upon us much sooner than expected. Despite its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S6, having only hit retailers in April – following an early March unveiling – it has been suggested the S7 could be debuted before the end of the year.

According to claimed insider sources, slow sales have forced Samsung to accelerate its smartphone design cycles, meaning the S7 could be ready as early as December.

We would recommend taking these Galaxy S7 release claims with a hearty pinch of salt, however. Just because a device is ready by the end of the year, it doesn’t mean Samsung will necessarily rush it into the market place.

What’s more, ever since the Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung has unveiled its flagship smartphones either during, or in the weeks around Barcelona’s annual Mobile World Congress gathering. We would be highly surprised if this wasn’t the case again next year.


With MWC 2016 pencilled in to run between February 22 and 25, we’d expect to see the Galaxy S7 release date confirmed in the days leading up to the show, potentially at a dedicated launch event the day before proceedings kick off.

As such we’d tentatively pencil Sunday, February 21 into your diaries for a possible unveiling – although, as you would expect, Samsung has yet to offer up any formal details on Galaxy S7 release date plans at this early stage.

This has been backed up by Korean supply chain sources who have confirmed the device will be formally introduced in “late February”.

Samsung Galaxy S7 rumors



While you keep an eye out for all the latest Galaxy S7 rumors, certain reports have suggested the smartphone could soon be keeping an eye on you, with an iris-scanner tipped for inclusion.

Something Samsung has long been known to be working on, it has been suggested that the eye-tracking biometric security measure will finally enter the realms of reality aboard the S7. Why? Well, when paired with the phone’s existing fingerprint sensor incorporating home button, it should make the S7 almost completely inaccessible to unwanted users if lost or stolen.

The tech will reportedly make use of the S7’s front-facing camera, mapping the individual intricacies of users’ unique iris patterns. As well as letting users unlock their device simply by looking at it, the tech will also allow for even more secure payments to be made.

This largely software-based feature will likely be added to a device with a finish almost identical to that of the existing S6. Given that Samsung has reportedly moved to a modular production method to speed up smartphone evolution, it is expected that at least visually, the S7 will be markedly similar to its predecessor.

Thanks to new, slimmer camera modules, however, the S7 should at least be slimmer than the device it’s replacing, doing away with the somewhat unsightly protruding camera unit.

Samsung Galaxy S7 specs


As well as all of the usual headline-grabbing updates – we’re talking screen, camera and power upgrades – the Samsung Galaxy S7 looks set to make a number of smaller, but no less important changes to its specs sheet. Arguably one of the most interesting updates will focus on the handset’s charging port – yes, really.

Set to echo the OnePlus 2, the Galaxy S7 is expected to ditch a traditional microUSB port in favor of a new, USB Type-C connection. Although currently a fledgling tech, USB Type-C is set to become the new industry standard, promising quicker charges, speedier transfer times and, pleasingly, reversible cable attachments.

This, however, is just one of a number of improvements set to be handed to the LG G4 and HTC One M9-rivalling device. Wireless charging is expected to make another appearance, with Samsung said to be working on denser batteries for improved staying power.

Samsung Galaxy S7 screen


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Samsung is clearly fond of its side-incorporating displays, and it looks like the tech could make another appearance on the S7. With the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ expected to act as a curved-display hosting flagship for the masses, it has been suggested that the Galaxy S7 could even ditch its traditional screen option completely and be all about the curve.

Despite the success of the ‘edge’ sub-brand, this is still hard to believe, especially given the added premium still associated with the innovative display tech.

As such, at this stage we’d expect to see a ‘normal’, flat-screen S7 line up on retailers’ shelves alongside a secondary handset with a dual-edge incorporating panel.

Both will likely retain the S6’s existing stunning 2560 x 1440 pixel QHD resolution and Super AMOLED display technology, despite musings of a 4K smartphone panel being in the works at Samsung HQ.

Retaining the same display as its predecessor wouldn’t be seen as a negative for the S7, either. Currently the S6’s screen offers strong battery management alongside vibrant colors and deep, well-defined blacks.

Samsung Galaxy S7 camera


Believe it or not, this far out from launch Samsung has already confirmed the camera set to be bestowed on the Samsung Galaxy S7. Formally announced at the tail end of July, Samsung revealed it’s producing the world’s first 1.0μm pixel-based 16-megapixel camera.

What does this actually mean? Well, in brief, Samsung has utilised ISOCELL technology to squeeze in smaller pixels than those found in traditional 1.12μm camera units. The result – sharper, more detailed images, especially in low-light shooting conditions.

Another benefit of the new camera tech is slimmer handsets. The revamped camera module, at 5mm thick, is 20% skinnier than its predecessor – hence the earlier chatter about slimmed down smartphones.

This will likely be paired with an improved front-facing camera – not just to enable the phone’s iris-scanning ways, but also because who doesn’t love a good selfie?

Samsung Galaxy S7 processor


Many contrasting reports currently surround what processor the Samsung Galaxy S7 will run.

Despite the S6 having seen the manufacturer ditch Qualcomm’s chipsets in favor of running its own Exynos units – a move that has proven to be highly successful – it has been claimed that the Galaxy S7 could see Samsung return to the Snapdragon fold.

The Qualcomm chip of choice for the S7 will seemingly be the recently confirmed Snapdragon 820. The 64-bit processor offers impressive battery management and oodles of power, hopefully without the overheating concerns that have plagued the existing Snapdragon 810 chip.

Although multiple reports have pointed towards a return to Qualcomm’s innards, others have claimed a follow-on to the S6’s Exynos 7420 processor will run the S7-themed show.

At this stage, with so many contradictory claims, it’s hard to know which route Samsung will take – however, turning its back on first-party success would be a tricky move.

Samsung Galaxy S7 software


Unlike the Galaxy Note 5 which is coming too early for the new OS, the Samsung Galaxy S7 is expected to run Android M direct from the box.

With Google’s latest mobile operating system set to debut on its first devices this autumn, the software will be something of a formality come Galaxy S7 release day early next year.

Offering battery boosts, improved Google Now support and advanced app permissions, Android M is more of an iterative update than a dramatic Android overhaul. When skinned with the Korean manufacturer’s TouchWiz UI, however, it should give the OS a nicely polished look and feel.

Samsung Galaxy S7 price


Finalized pricing for the Samsung Galaxy S7 is still a long way from being confirmed. Don’t expect it to be easy on your wallet, though.

With a flagship array of specs at the core and premium materials used in its design, the S7 will, like its predecessors, no doubt set wannabe owners back close to £600 at launch.

When introduced to the UK earlier this year, the entry-level 32GB Galaxy S6 was handed a steep £599 asking price. Prices for the 64GB base model S6 Edge came in at a wallet-busting £760.

Although prices for both handsets have since come down considerably, don’t expect Samsung to have learnt its day one pricing lessons for the S7’s arrival next year. If you’re keen on the S7, you might want to start saving your pennies now.

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