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Samsung will reportedly skip over Note 6 and unveil the Galaxy Note 7 in August


While it has an obvious historical explanation, Samsung’s dual-brand flagship release strategy can get awfully confusing for folks not quite familiar with the experimental nature of early Galaxy Note generations.

Of course, there’s nothing nichey about these beloved S Pen-wielding phablets anymore, and last year’s Note 5 regional exclusivity proved the popularity of the Galaxy S lineup is in danger of being surpassed or at least matched.

Hence, it makes perfect sense for Samsung to cancel any plans it had regarding an S7 Edge+, and once againgo wide with a new Note. But surprise, surprise, this might not be christened Galaxy Note 6 or Note 6 Edge after all.

Instead, “multiple representatives of the telecommunication industry” told the generally reliable folks over atET News that Galaxy Note 7 branding has been chosen for the sequel to the Note 5. Not necessarily because we’re looking at a massive upgrade here, but first and foremost in a bid to “maximize the marketability” of the next-gen jumbo-sized powerhouse, and bring it on the same level as the Galaxy S7 in terms of user perception.

No more wondering whether perhaps the GNote 5 is one step behind the S6, as the name should fit the premium build and ultra-high-end specifications of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, due out this early to mid-August, both according to ET News and other at least equally reliable sources.

Today’s report also clarifies how recently rumored prototype testing wrapped up, with a dual-edged model purportedly selected as the single final Note 7 configuration. It remains to be seen if it’s going to be dubbed Galaxy Note 7 Edge, which doesn’t sound very plausible from a simplicity standpoint.

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