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Samsung’s first iris-recognizing device is the low-end Galaxy Tab Iris for enterprise


It’s rarely a good idea to debut controversial, experimental technology such as a new form of biometric authentication on a flagship consumer product like the upcoming Galaxy Note 6, so let’s not act surprised that Samsung is essentially test-driving iris recognition on a much smaller scale with the Galaxy Tab Iris.

This is, well, a pretty crappy overall 7-incher made in India for India, aimed primarily at enterprise and government use, with integration of various local identification, banking, finance, education and citizen services.

Courtesy of a dual-eye scanner, the Samsung Galaxy Tab Iris can help reduce the need for cumbersome paperwork, allowing people to enroll for digitized payment applications in a more efficient manner. By tying to a user’s Aadhar number, the device also adds an extra layer of security for banking services, and with UIDAI compliance, it replaces multiple pieces of equipment and offers an integrated solution for child enrollment programs.

While all this may sound like gibberish for our Western-based readers, Samsung India makes it seem like a big deal from an eGovernance-advancing standpoint. Which is the one and only selling point of the eye-scanning Galaxy Tab Iris, with other standard specifications including 1,024 x 600 display resolution (yuck), Android 5.0 Lollipop software (for crying out loud), 8GB internal storage space, 1.5GB RAM, a 5MP rear-facing camera, and 3,600 mAh battery (no, no, no and no!).

The “sleek, compact tablet with a robust design”, faux leather behind, massive display bezels and rounded corners isn’t particularly cheap either, setting you the government, companies and banks back Rs. 13,500 ($200).

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