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Samsung’s Gear VR Commercial


With the Samsung Gear VR hitting shelves and faces all over the place last week, the company ran a new commercial to promote it this weekend. I saw it during the 49ers vs. Seahawks game.


I say “surprisingly” because even we found out how difficult it was to show the potential of VR through a video during our review.

After speaking with some folks in the virtual reality community after Gear VR’s launch, it seems like Samsung has positioned its phone accessory nicely. The commercial is a part of Samsung’s campaign called “It’s Not a Phone, It’s a Galaxy.”

he ad shows a variety of people’s hands pulling the Gear VR towards their heads to check out a variety of content. Very simple, very clean, very playful. Kind of Appley. The commercial ends with the tagline: “Virtual reality just got real.”

Most importantly, it’s not nerdy. Sure, it’s still a long shot that Samsung can entice enough people to buy one of its phones to power the $99 Gear VR, but a commercial like this is going to help get kids of all ages (my adult friends basically) to start asking for it as a Holiday gift now.

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