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Schedule a Lyft Up to 24 Hours in Advance


Ride-sharing services are a great way to get from point A to B in a snap, but what if you want to plan ahead?

Lyft today unveiled Scheduled Rides, which will let you reserve a Lyft up to 24 hours in advance. Tests begin in San Francisco “shortly,” and Lyft plans to expand the service this summer.

“Whether you have an early-morning flight and need to get to the airport or have a make-or-break business meeting cross-town, scheduled rides will get you out the door and off to your destination at your specified pickup time,” Lyft said in a blog post.

To schedule a ride, click the clock icon and select a time. “If your plans change, don’t sweat it; you can update or cancel your scheduled ride up to 30 minutes before your requested time,” Lyft said.

If you’re in New York City, meanwhile, Lyft is currently offering 50 percent off rides within Manhattan until 5 p.m. Friday. Lyft, Line, and Plus modes are all included, the company said. There’s a cap at three rides per person and a max $20 discount per ride.

Lyft told The Verge that drivers will still earn full-rate commissions, so you don’t have to feel bad that your driver is chauffeuring you around for pennies. The company recently secured a $2 billion funding round, the site notes, so it’s doing okay.

This summer, meanwhile, look for Lyft in the Hamptons (minus East Hampton and Montauk, where Uber and Lyft are banned), Cape Cod, and the Jersey Shore.

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