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Super-thin case gives your iPhone a natural look


Lust List: Woodline iPhone Case by Pad & Quill

I’m generally of the function-over-form sake when I choose an iPhone case, but this delightfully thin Rosewood iPhone case has me rethinking that.

It’s not just that it’s thin — it’s classy. The deep brown hues and real woodgrain transform my iPhone 6 Plus from an object of tech-envy into more of a naturally lust-worthy product.

Wood is warm and inviting, and this Pad & Quill case uses that to great advantage. Snapping it onto my iPhone 6 Plus feels good, too. The hardwood is enhanced with Kevlar fibers, too, making the Woodline feel strong and secure.

The cutouts for the case are great, allowing access to all ports, including the flash on the rear of the iPhone. The Woodline case comes in four different wooden materials, including American Cherry, Zebra and American Walnut (as well as the Rosewood I tested). The rounded corners hug the iPhone, adding nothing more than is necessary to the device’s profile; smooth and strong, they haven’t caught on my jeans pocket, yet.

Classier still, the initials of the craftsperson who made this particular case are burned into the case’s interior, just behind the iPhone itself. It’s a nice touch that makes this iPhone case feel that much more personal.

At less than a millimeter thin, my iPhone feels skinny for the first time since I put a case on it after purchase. While I love using a wallet-case to avoid forgetting my important cards and cash, and a solid backup power battery case keeps me going long into a conference day, there’s something inherently satisfying to just wreathe my iPhone in natural hardwood and head off into the sunset just a bit more classy with this super-thin case.

Price: $49.95

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