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The Apple Watch Breathe App Wants You To Take A Moment To Clear Your Head

The Apple Watch can do a great many things, and one of those things is being a tool for keeping you active and generally less stressed.

Well the Apple Watch is getting an upgrade in the form of watchOS 3, and along with it a new app called Breathe.

This smart little app helps you do exactly that, breathe, and it’s designed to help you take a moment from what could be a busy and stressfull day and relax.

While there are wellness apps out there that already take advantage of the Apple Watch’s ease of use, the fact that Apple is taking its users’ wellbeing so seriously is significant.

Breathe will join an already existing feature which reminds you when you’ve been sat down for too long.

After Apple’s CEO Tim Cook boldly called sitting the ‘new cancer’ the Apple Watch now takes significant steps to get you up and moving.

Using the Watch’s sensors, it can detect when you’ve been sat for too long and helpfully reminds you to get up and go for a stroll.

According to MacRumours the app will utilise the heart-rate sensor on the Watch to help you find a place of calm.

Apple’s new watchOS 3 comes with a huge swathe of new features and will be available to download in September.

Best Wellness And Mindfulness Apps:

    • 1 3 Minute Mindfulness
It might sound silly but something as simple as breathing can make all the difference when works starts to get on top of you. You can use three different short breathing techniques both on your iPhone or through the Apple Watch app with gentle cues telling you when to inhale and exhale. It’s not rocket science, but sometimes not-rocket-science is just what you need.

    • 2 Lark
Lark is for those of us that might need that gentle nudge along the road. Created by Harvard and Stanford health experts this AI-style app actually has a conversation with you about your fitness/health goals and objectives. The Apple Watch app lets you send pre-determined responses so you can still chat on the go. It’ll even pipe up with a little bit of encouragement if you’re feeling stuck in a rut.

    • 3 Pause
Pause is simplicity at its best. You simply set a time, connect some headphones and then follow the instructions. This audiovisual app asks you to follow your finger around the screen. Think of this as mental yoga and you’ll get the idea!

    • 4 Pocket Yoga
Pocket Yoga is just that, it’s quite literally every yoga technique you can think of crammed into your Apple Watch. This isn’t just an encyclopaedia though, it’s your teacher as well. Monitoring your heart rate via Apple Watch the app will take you through pre-loaded sessions and even show you the techniques as you’re doing them.

    • 5 Streak
Ever wanted to start a habit but found that in the end it just fizzes out? Streak is here to help, you simply set the routine you’d like to lead and Streak will start getting you on the right track. Start sticking to them and you’ll create ‘streaks’ which will eventually become second nature. The Apple Watch app gently buzzes with reminders and encouragement to keep you motivated as well.

    • 6 Waterminder
Being in an office can breed two rather disturbing habits: Sitting still for too long and not drinking enough water. Well thankfully your Apple Watch already has a reminder to get you standing and now Waterminder works to get you drinking enough fluids. Using your Apple Health data Waterminder simply gets you to log everytime you have a drink, helping visualise the amount you should be drinking and how far away you are from your recommended amount.

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