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Thermodynamic Cell Phone Charger powers your device by boiling water

Cell phone ticket
Cell phone
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Distracted Driving Blitz Delivers Lots Of Tickets

Thursday, September 6, 2007 05:12 AM – WBEN Newsroom

WBEN Reporter Steve Cichon

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) – The Erie County Sheriff’s Department says officers issued plenty of tickets during their extended crackdown on distracted driving, which includes talking on a cell phone.

WBEN’s Steve Cichon reports the department issued almost 200 tickets during the week-long blitz, but hope the message about the perils of being distracted while driving were driven home. You can hear his report by clicking on the audio link above.


Now multiply 200 tickets by each. Buffalo made quite a bit of money in those days. I’m sure there are more people than the 200 they reported.

Thermodynamic Cell Phone Charger powers your device by boiling water

Cell phone
Hammacher Schlemmer sells some very strange products and some very cool products. The company has announced a new product that is both strange and cool called the Thermodynamic Cell Phone Charger. The device is a little pot designed for your …

cell phone
Cell phone
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cell phone

Cleveland Heights police target second-hand cell phone seller in theft

Cell phone
CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, Ohio — A Cedar Road cell phone seller was targeted by police because investigators believe the store bought a cell phone stolen by teenagers at Cleveland Heights High School, despite a city ordinance that bans businesses from …

Cell Phone
Cell phone
Image by JonJon2k8
Cell phone buttons

Woman Allegedly Torches East Harlem Apartment Over Missing Cell Phone

Cell phone
An woman allegedly started a fire in an East Harlem apartment early this morning, leaving a 23-year-old man critically injured; officials say she caused the fire after becoming enraged about a missing cell phone. The unnamed alleged arsonist was …

Cell Phones
Cell phone
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Beat that. Stack more than 5 cell phones up,take a picture and you win.*

*contestants win nothing

Philly courts considering ban on cell phones

Cell phone
Community College of Philadelphia professor Richard Frei, who studies witness intimidation, believes that cell phones should not be allowed inside the city's courts. Currently, phones have to be turned off and out of sight. Frei said visitors can …

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