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This Keyboard-Mouse Combo Is Ideal For Lazy Couch Gamers Like Me


I love gaming, but I also hate sitting up straight in chairs when I don’t absolutely have to. You’d think a console would be the solution, but really, this dumb-looking keyboard-mouse combo from Razer is the missing link.

The aggresively-named Razer Turret is simple: it’s a wireless keyboard and mouse, but the keyboard has a fold-out mousepad so you can use it on your lap. It’s the only good solution I’ve ever seen for playing PC games on your couch, other than a 1m sheet of plywood and a giant mousemat. Yes, I’ve tried that.

The other, arguably more practical use, is as a remote control for a home media PC. Instead of paying for pay TV, I have a tiny desktop plugged into the back of my TV. It’s a perfect solution — instant Netflix and Spotify, with far less hassle than a smart TV — apart from needing a full keyboard and mouse to control.


Last year, I bought this Logitech keyboard with an in-built trackpad, which was supposed to fix all my problems. Unfortunately, the trackpad is reminiscent of a Windows laptop that’s seen one too many coffee spills, and I’m endlessly frustrated when trying to do something as simple as make a video full-screen.

There are problems with Razer’s solution: it costs $US160 ($205), which is a truly great amount of money to pay for a glorified remote control (and a fair amount more than the Logitech). It isn’t available in the Australian store yet. And when it does reach Aussie shores you’ll have to hide it when other people come over, because it only really belongs in a 14-year-old’s bedroom.

But if you can stomach all that, I suspect this will make the ultimate couch PC controller. Razer has a habit of making fantastic peripherals for PCs, and the attention to detail here makes me think the trend is continuing. The Turret can use Bluetooth or a USB wireless dongle, and it has Android-specific buttons for use with a Google TV and a sleek-looking docking station. As long as the mouse is accurate and the keys suitably clicky, I might have just found a new way to never sit up.

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