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This new iD mobile tariff FINALLY lets you rollover unused data

The network answers our monthly streaming woes.


A smartphone tariff that lets users rollover unused data from month to month has launched in the UK – finally!

The new deal from Carphone Warehouse’s recently launched own-brand network iD is available to all new and existing customers on the company’s GoTo plans from today (February 11).

Not limited to the more wallet-busting end of the smartphone tariff spectrum, the rollover data is available on all 12 or 24-month contracts, as well as the monthly GoTo SIM-only plans.

iD’s GoTo plans start at £7 per month for SIM-only deals and £11 per month for handset-bundling plans.


So, why’s free data rollover such a big deal?

Well, if you find yourself with spare data one month but struggling to stay within your limits when the latest season of House of Cards drops the next, you’ll be able to do so without incurring lofty charges.

Making things even more appealing, rolled over data will be used before touching the new month’s allowance.​

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