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Top 10 Best Multimedia Laptops in 2013

Multimedia laptops are those which are purely made for entertainment like watching movies on DVDs or Netflix. Other than movies it should be able to handle light games, browsing, YouTube, etc. I know that a budget laptop can easily do these tasks but there are also few other tasks that you’ll have to perform on your laptop such as playing HD games, editing videos or watching Blu-ray movies, and at that point your low cost laptop will absolutely struggle. So it’s always a better idea to invest your money in a multimedia laptop that’ll be good for years to come.

Things you’ll absolutely require in your multimedia laptop are 15-inch screen, admirable graphics card, branded stereo speakers, Intel’s processor and at least 4 GB RAM. Other than latest specifications the laptop should also offer a high resolution display for watching HD movies. Most of multimedia laptops are of between 15-17 inches with bright and HD screen but there are also few 14-inch laptops these days that are exclusively made for entertainment purpose with great portability. I have done a good research on multimedia laptops that are currently available in stores and have ranked them accordingly. So what are we waiting for? Let’s see what the best multimedia laptops in 2013 are.


The ASUS VivoBook DS51T is a 15-inch touch screen ultrabook that is pretty much affordable and yet is a well performing laptop which is especially built for users who wish to use it for multimedia purpose. It was first released on this March and is mostly chosen by people who are looking for an affordable ultrabook with touch screen. It includes perfect specifications for a multimedia laptop such as 6GB RAM, 500 GB hard drive, 1.7 GHz i5 Intel Core processor and of course Windows 8. Besides specs, looks are kind of impressive too just like other notebooks from ASUS VivoBook series and surprisingly performance of this ultrabook is flawless for playing latest games or watching HD movies.

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The Acer Aspire V3-571G is certainly one of the top laptops when it comes to playing games, watching movies or multi-tasking. Current price of this 15-inch laptop from Acer Aspire series is around $600 and it packs top class specifications like 2.5 GHz Core i5 processor, 4GB RAM, 500 GB hard drive, NVIDIA GeForce 630M GT and Microsoft Windows 8. When this notebook was first released in October last year, it was one of the best selling laptops for about 6 months. The battery life is surprisingly impressive which can last for about 5 hours even while listening to music or watching movies. Other than decent specs and good battery life, it is extremely thin and can be easily placed in the category of ultra-thin laptops. So if the price, processor and battery life sounds good to you then I’d highly recommend it because of its thinness and reliability.

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The Dell Inspiron i17R can truly be an ideal multimedia laptop since it includes most of specifications that are required for entertainment purposes such as 2.5 GHz Intel Core i5 processor, 6GB DDR3 RAM, 1 TB hard drive and Windows 8. All these specs plus 17-inch display screen makes this laptop totally worth stating in this list and yet the price of this multimedia laptop is only around $500. Laptops from Dell Inspiron series are usually known for efficient multi-tasking and this one is no exception. It’s a wicked fast laptop when it comes to multimedia tasks such as games, movies, etc. Besides being one of the most powerful laptops, it is very well designed and looks kind of tremendous. If you plan on buying this laptop then you should know that it comes with Windows 8 and if you’re new to it then it will take some time to get used to it.

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The ASUS UX51Vz-DH71 is a 15-inch multimedia laptop from Zenbook series which is greatly known for manufacturing slim yet powerful laptops. To be completely honest, there’s no other laptop in this list which can be compared with this one when we talk about specs and performance but still we had to lower its rank due to the price which is not reasonable for most of people looking to buy a new laptop. Anyways, like I was just saying, it holds best specs such as 8GB DDR3 RAM, Intel Core i7 processor, NVIDIA GT 650M 2G and 256 GB SSD. Looks of this specific multimedia laptop from Zenbook series are extremely rich and is only available in one color which is “Stainless Steel”. It can be straightforwardly identified as an ultrabook if one is looking for it and weighs only about 4 pounds.

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The Samsung ATIV Book 6 is a touch screen 15-inch laptop which is usually chosen by professional gamers. This is no ordinary laptop when it comes to multimedia tasks and will effortlessly knob anything you throw at it. It features Intel Core i7 processor, 8GB DDR3 RAM, 1 TB hard drive and AMD Radeon 8770M HD 1GB graphics card. Its screen is not just known for being a swift responsive touch screen but also a full HD display screen. Current price of this laptop is $1000 and is available in only one color which is “Mineral Ash Black”. Specs of this multimedia laptop are good and will certainly suit to just about anyone, design is nice as well and keyboard is extremely solid plus feels rich. Anyways, it’s a good device but after looking at the price I can say it would have been great if it came with SSD and auto back-lit keyboard.

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The HP Envy 4t Ultrabook is one of the most affordable touch screen laptops and is fully optimized for multimedia users. HP Envy series is mostly known for delivering thin, solid and powerful laptops. It packs i3 processor, 4GB RAM, 500 GB hard drive plus 32 GB SSD. If you are looking for a laptop that works well with Windows 8 then I simply cannot recommend you anything other than Envy TouchSmart ultrabook since its screen is extremely responsive and snappy. Only thing I didn’t liked about this notebook was its size which is 14-inch and I normally prefer laptop with at least 15-inch screen. Anyways, it’s a good device for people looking for portability. All in all, this is a perfect example of inexpensive touch screen ultrabook yet works great for gamers and multimedia users.

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The Lenovo IdeaPad Y500 is certainly one of the most popular laptops ever made by Lenovo and is a beast when it comes to gaming and multimedia. Current price of this notebook from IdeaPad series is around $1000 and it is available in only one color which is “Metal Black”. I don’t like its design or color but the specs which are incomparable with other laptops of this price range. This 15-inch multimedia laptop packs Core i7 processor, 8GB DDR3 RAM, 1 TB SATA hard drive, 2GB NVIDIA Dual SLI graphics card and Windows 8. My favorite thing about this laptop is certainly its keyboard which sports auto back-lit keys and other than that there are few things more such as 3.0 USB ports, HD 720p webcam and Dolby speakers. Anyways, it is one of the best laptops I have ever come across and I usually recommend this to my real life friends who are looking to buy a new laptop.

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We all know that Apple MacBook Pro with Retina display is the best device for multimedia stuff and simply can’t be compared with any other laptop due to its Retina technology screen and Mac OS. However, if you’re looking for that kind of laptop but with Microsoft Windows then Dell 1053sLV is certainly the laptop you need. Technically, yes it’s an ultrabook but don’t even think for a minute that this laptop is not good for multimedia users. The XPS 15 features Intel Core i5 processor, 6GB DDR3 RAM, 500GB hard drive and 1GB NVIDIA GeForce GT 630M card. The looks are absolutely best and “Silver Aluminum” color suits well. Overall, you won’t be disappointed with this Dell’s ultrabook and I’d recommend it to just about anyone who is looking for a new laptop.

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The Samsung Series 9 A05US is a 13-inch ultrabook and can be another great alternative to MacBook Pro if you need to use Windows. I understand that ultrabooks are not really great for multimedia and gaming but this one is a total exception. It can perform HD games, Blu-Ray movies or even multi-tasking efficiently. Hardware of this specific notebook from Samsung Series 9 is surprisingly good: Core i5 processor, 4GB DDR3 RAM, 128 GB SSD and Windows 8. RAM and processor are kind of decent but SSD is really something that makes this laptop good for multimedia purposes. I have been researching about laptops for years now and I can totally vouch this ultrabook for people who want a reliable yet portable laptop. The “Ash Black” color suits extremely well on this solid device and a great resolution of 1600 x 900 on its bright screen is plainly bonus.

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No matter how much I praise this multimedia notebook, it will never be enough. The Apple MacBook Pro is without a doubt best and latest multimedia laptop. It sports countless features that are great and trending such as SSD, Retina display, solidly built aluminum body and exclusively Mac OS. Apple clearly has taken the portable computing on the next level while impressing everyone but only drawback is its price which is about $600 plus for just its Retina display. Anyways, newest version of 13-inch MacBook Pro comes with Core i5 processor, 8GB RAM, 128 GB SSD and Intel HD graphics card. Before buying you can configure its size, specs and screen according to your needs and budget. Overall, I’d recommend it to most of people who want advanced and good performing laptop.

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