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Turn your Apple Watch into a Fallout Pip-Boy


Unless you were one of the lucky few who snatched up Bethesda Games’ $120 Fallout 4limited collector’s edition, a Pip-Boy wrist-worn computer for all your post-apocalyptic needs is out of reach — unless you’re willing to shell out thousands of dollars on eBay. Thankfully, designer and developer Neven Mrgan whipped up a square-shaped interface for the Apple Watch that should satisfy any prospective members of Vault 111.

The static graphic works thanks to watchOS 2, which allows users to set any photo from their iPhone as the Apple Watch background. Mrgan designed his Pip-Boy image to resemble the interface of the device from Fallout 4, with a swath of screen space open so Apple’s placement of the date and time make the whole package look like an official design.

Follow these steps to get the watch face on your device. Download the image here to your computer and send it over to your iPhone, either through SMS or email. Make sure your iPhone is syncing its camera roll to the Apple Watch, which can be done from the Photos section of the iOS Apple Watch app. From there, hop on your Apple Watch, open up the Photos app, and press hard using Force Touch on the Pip-Boy image to see the option to create a custom watch face.

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