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Twitch App Finally Comes To The PS4


Last month at Twitchcon, company co-founder Emmett Shear announced that a Twitch app was finally coming to the PlayStation lineup of devices at some point in the fall. Now, we know that the PlayStation 4 is the first console in PlayStation’s roster to get the app.

The app finally brings a dedicated service to the console. Since the console debut in 2013, the PS4 had Twitch streaming capabilities, thanks to the new Share button on the controller. In the past, viewers had to use the PS4’s web browser, or even a separate computer if they wanted to watch content. Aside from watching various streamers, it also allows viewers to follow certain channels and games, and there’s even a separate space to watch those streaming from their own PS4.

Chat functionality is also included, but it’s limited to the PS4. The app is also headed to the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita at some point this fall, but the precise date is still unknown.


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