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Twitter Will Soon Track What Apps Are On Your Mobile Device

Twitter is looking for new ways to collect data in order to fuel its ad-oriented business model. To that end, the company is rolling out an update that will let its Twitter app track what apps users have downloaded and are on their mobile devices.

The data collected, according to Twitter, will help the company to provide a more “tailored experience” and content to its users. As a result of the information gathered, “who to follow” suggestions should be improved, more relevant promoted content will be displayed, as well as adding Tweets, accounts, and other types of content to a user’s timeline that Twitter thinks they will find interesting.

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Data collected, though, is restricted to the types of apps downloaded or are already present on a person’s device. No data that pertains to what a person does inside of the apps will be recorded or tracked.
Currently, Twitter relies on other types of data in order to provide target ads. Information such as who users follow on Twitter, the way they tweet, how they interact with other tweets, and even who is in that user’s network are tracked by the company to provide recommendations and ads.

When the new app rolls out, with the new tracking feature, Twitter will notify the user when it has been turned on by showing a prompt. Fortunately, users will be able to turn off the data collecting feature anytime they want, through their device’s settings, once the update rolls out.

The update is rolling out to iOS users today, while Android users can expect to receive it sometime next week.


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