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Watch the rose gold MacBook torn down to bits


The second iteration of Apple’s 12-inch Retina MacBook brought very little in terms of design changes, although with a new processor and speedier memory, it does offer a significant performance upgrade.

The biggest change, though? The addition of a rose gold model, making it the first-ever MacBook to be available in pink(ish). Does it matter, then, how the new MacBook looks from the inside? The answer is yes, yes it does.

The tinkerers at iFixit have disassembled a rose gold MacBook Monday, posting photographic proof each step of the way. And while it’s hardly a surprise that the device’s rose gold finish is visible on the inside as well as the outside, it’s still cool to see (if you’re a in the camp that likes the rose gold color).


Other than that, there are no many surprises in this teardown. The MacBook is still painfully hard to repair, though, thankfully, it shares a lot of parts with the last year’s model.

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