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Windows 10 Home Edition’s automated updates early troubles prompt for release of block tool


Microsoft’s decision to forgo user control over security updates in favor ofmandatory, automatically installed updates in Windows 10 Home edition was a point of contention when the news was revealed earlier this month.

Having the latest security patches and features installed seems like a noble cause that would protect users from various vulnerabilities. Yet at the same time, it’s not uncommon for a particular Windows update to cause more harm than good. With Windows 10’s official release mere days away, users testing the operating system via Preview builds have already found the perfect excuse to call it a poor decision.

Multiple reports from Nvidia graphics card owners popped up during the weekend over a recent GeForce 353.54 driver update that was installed automatically and subsequently broke down systems… automatically. Both Nvidia and Microsoft have been quick to react, but not before users have had to deal with issues.

Microsoft’s troubleshooter package (KB3073930), available as an optional download, while not at all practical allows users to block or hide automatic updates. Alternatively, Nvidia issued a new driver last night (version 353.62) that according to several Reddit users are working properly.


Another potential solution to keep in mind if you stumble upon similar issues would be to enable System Restore, automatically creating a restore point after each new update is installed. This way, you can revert your computer to a pointbefore Windows Update imposed on you a faulty revision.

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