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Windows XP zero-day under active attack

Windows XP zero-day under active attack

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A new zero-day vulnerability affecting users of Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 has already been leveraged in a limited number of targeted attacks, Microsoft warns. Just prior to Thanksgiving, Microsoft issued an advisory about the bug …

Windows XP six time more hackable than newer software

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Windows XP is six times more likely to be successfully hacked than Windows 7 or 8 and, when Microsoft stops providing security updates, anyone running Windows XP will absolutely be a sitting duck. Big-box retailers will tell you that you have no choice …

Exchange 2013 CU3 causes headaches for OWA on Windows XP

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If you're running Windows XP on the desktop, you already know that the April 2014 deadline for termination of extended support is looming. Exchange 2013 CU3 might just be giving you a little hint too as it seems that IE8 on Windows XP doesn't deliver a …

Windows XP is still second most popular OS despite Microsoft's plans to end

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Microsoft is to end support for Windows XP on 8 April, 2014, leaving 31 per cent of desktops that still run it vulnerable to hackers. According to a report by Net Market Share, Windows XP is second only to Windows 7 (46 per cent) in terms of desktop …

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