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You can buy G.Skill’s Ripjaws MX780 RGB gaming mouse


Revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier this year, G.Skill has informed Maximum PC that its MX780 RGB gaming mouse is now available for purchase.
The mouse, which exhibits a robotic, almost sentient appearance, is designed to appeal to right and left-handed gamers alike with its ambidextrous design features. These include its interchangeable side grips, which promise comfort points regardless of hand dominance.
Along with bringing the nuance of ambidexterity to the table, G.Skill recognizes that most gamers also exhibit variance in grip styles. Thankfully, a built-in adjustable palm rest combats discomfort, regardless of handclasp technique.

As if the vermin wasn’t customizable enough already, even the weight of the device can be adjusted manually. The solid aluminum base of the accessory is complemented by an enclosed set of additional 4.5-gram weights, which, at your own discretion, can be installed inside the side grips on either side of the mouse.
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With eight programmable buttons, Omron switches rated for 20 million clicks, an 8,200 DPI Avago laser sensor, four-zone RGB lighting, and 512KB of onboard storage for up to five profiles, the MX780 RGB might be one of the most liberating mice you can buy for $60.
Along with all of the aforementioned goodies, G.Skill’s unified driver software puts users in control of lighting profiles and other hardware-tied features like pointer speeds and sensitivity, seemingly with much more precision than Windows typically offers by default.
You can see the Ripjaws MX780-RGB mouse in action in a brief CGI cinematic we’ve gone ahead and embedded below.


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