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A vagina boom box for the pregnant woman


Many of us have images of our parents putting headphones on mom’s pregnant belly, or of dad singing The Beatles nearby. However, a Spanish company claims this is simply not enough. Parents must be more direct.

Babypod is a small speaker meant to play music to in utero fetuses. When inserted into the vagina, parents can share tunes with their child-to-be.

The company claims sounds heard from outside the belly are too quiet for baby to decipher. However, contradicting research suggests loud noises, especially on a pregnant belly, can beharmful for a fetus’s hearing. A baby will begin to hear sounds between weeks 16-20 of pregnancy, with full hearing development between 27 and 30 weeks.

Many parents play classical music for their unborn children hoping this will make them smarter, but the research on that is inconclusive; however, soothing sound stimulation like classical music or their parent’s voice has been shown to be soothing.

Babypod doesn’t use Bluetooth, which sounds comforting at first, but in order to allow the parents to share the musical experience with their children, this means that earbuds hang out of the vagina.



Fans of the product rave about watching their babies mouth along or “sing” during their ultrasounds, but the research comes from the same company that created Babypod, so potential consumers should approach with caution.

Still, the company believes in its product. Babypod put on “the first concert for fetuses in the world,” where 10 expectant mothers wore the devices while listening to a contestant from Spanish Eurovision, Soraya Arnelas, sing Christmas songs.

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